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    From small scale off-grid systems through to MW scale power plants, Infraco Systems’ extensive range of electro-mechanical components meet the highest standards to generate, transmit and distribute energy.

    Products and services

    Our products and services include High Voltage (HV) & Medium Voltage (MV) Instrumentation Transformers, Current Transformers (CT), Voltage Transformers (VT & CVT), Insulators, Accessories, Condition Monitoring Solutions, Bushings, MV & HV Isolators & Disconnectors, Earth Switches, Motor Drives, Smart Grid Solutions, Circuit Breakers, Rectifiers, Surge Protection devices, Cut Out Fuses, Ring Main Units (RMU’s), and Inverters.



    Sustainable and robust energy systems have become critical to a reliable power transmission network. Infraco Systems is part of this progression. Our power transmission products and solutions assist our utility customers in maintaining a stable and reliable network within the demanding Australasian operating environment.



    Our comprehensive range of distribution products and systems help to deliver energy to industrial, commercial and domestic customers. Today’s distribution networks are changing and Infraco Systems works within this environment to develop new products and systems that deliver a more efficient, robust and reliable distribution network.



    Australasia’s energy generation profile is in transition from historical sources, to a mix of cleaner, sustainable sources capable of meeting generation requirements. Infraco Systems is part of this transition, sourcing and supplying products to the wind, solar and other renewable energy sectors. We design and develop new products and solutions to achieve a lower levelised cost of energy.

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